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Spectacular Oregon Sunstone pendant in sterling silver

Spectacular Oregon Sunstone pendant in sterling silver


This Oregon Sunstone pendant features a bicolor mostly green with pink and champagne, concave cut stone. It weighs 7.8ct and would retail for over $700 for the stone alone.

The stone in this pendant is special, not only because of the rare green/pink bicolor aspect but also because of the special "concave cut."

Concave refers to the surface of the facet. Rather than being flat, the facet is curved in a concave direction. The cutting process is similar to traditional faceting except that rather than cutting on a flat disk, a smaller cylinder is used. This cuts the curved facet. These curved facets work like lenses and create a more dramatic difference in light and dark area''s in the stone, and give the illusion that there are a lot more facets than there really are. The most noticeable effects come from facets on the pavilion of the stone.

Oregon Sunstone is the official state gemstone, and it's so easy to see why. The colors are just amazing, and this one is no exception.

It's set in a pretty sterling silver setting with a nice 18" chain included.

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