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An Ethical Approach

It started as a fun hobby for my wife and I. We live in Oregon and wanted something fun to do together. "Why not go looking for gemstones?" I said. 

I had grown up "rock hounding" with my dad who would take me into the desert of Arizona and California looking for agates and jaspers, later I started looking for obsidian and other stones too.

We did the research and discovered the beautiful Oregon Sunstone. The colors, the schiller (more about that later), and the way they are mined with little environmental impact compared to some gem mining operations. Seemed like a winner.


What followed has turned into a great little side venture for us and has given us the ability to travel to other places to discover even more gemstones. I'm sure our travels will be many as we continue this path, and who knows where it will lead us?

"Excellent transaction. Prompt dispatch and the delivery was earlier than I expected. The gemstone I received was exactly as described with beautiful lapidary work. This Etsy vendor is well worth checking if you want to purchase quality Oregon Sunstone. Thank you Brian."


Beautiful Flawless Oregon Sunstone

2.67 ct

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