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Private Eye Oregon Sunstone 7.46ct green/pink bi-color

Private Eye Oregon Sunstone 7.46ct green/pink bi-color


This is one very interesting Oregon Sunstone that I'm sure will make an incredible custom pendant or ring.

The cut is called "Private Eye" and it's look could be used in many ways, from whimsical to foreboding.

The color is a very dark bi-color peach to red to green depending on the type of light. Seen here in LED lighting it's more peachy, but in natural light the red does really pop.

Oregon Sunstone is of course a very rare stone, only found in one remote area of Oregon's Outback, between Lake and Harney County. The stone is the result of a volcanic eruption some 15 million years ago. It was named the State gemstone in 1987.

In recent years, many designers have sought out this stone because of the variety of color, from champagne to peach to gold to brilliant red and deep forest green. Always all natural and never treated.

This stone weighs 7.46ct and measures 15.5x11.9x6.1mm. Price is $1865 wholesale. Retail price on an Oregon Sunstone of this color is going to be over $4000 and very likely to increase in value.

Hold it for an investment, or place it in a custom piece of jewelry. You can't go wrong.

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