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Oval Oregon Sunstone with AAA peach schiller 2.63ct

Oval Oregon Sunstone with AAA peach schiller 2.63ct


Copper schiller is the thousands of microscopic bits of copper infused into Oregon Sunstone millions of years ago during the volcanic eruption that created the stone. The copper is all oriented in streaks due to copper partitioning during the creation of the material in the magma. This is why we dig these in the lava beds of the rabbit basin. One of only two places in the world where these stones occur naturally. The other is in nearby Harney County.

This copper causes the inner glow seen when looking both at rough Oregon Sunstone and the finished faceted gemstone you see here.

This particular stone is a calibrated 10x8mm for easy placement in a prefabricated setting.

The weight of this stone is 2.63ct. The shiller is very strong and rated a AAA pink/peach.

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