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Luxurious 1.88ct Swat Valley emerald

Luxurious 1.88ct Swat Valley emerald


Emeralds have been called the gem of kings and are 20 times rarer than diamonds. The top world-class stones can go for as much as $100,000 pet ct. Queen Cleopatra of Egypt was quite fond of them, famously giving Marc Antony half of one of the most famous emeralds, which was lost when he went to battle the Romans. the other half became the cursed Cleopatra emerald, which was found in her tomb.

This lustrous beautiful green/blue emerald is the perfect color. It goes great with any metal, but especially a nice rich 18k gold would be phenomenal with it. The origin is Pakistans Swat Valley, where emeralds have been mined for over 2000 years.

The weight of this emerald is 1.88ct, and it measures 8.1x6.5mm.

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