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Katalang Pakistan Imperial Topaz 20.1ct

Katalang Pakistan Imperial Topaz 20.1ct


November birthstone is Topaz, and I have a gorgeous one for you.

This 20.1ct imperial topaz with peach and gold coloration is from the Katalang mine in Pakistan. It has some very striking inclusions that look like showers of pink and gold sparks inside the stone.

Pink Imperial Katalang Topaz is a rare and stunning variety of topaz known for its delicate and romantic pink color. It is incredibly sought after by gemstone enthusiasts for its unique and enchanting beauty.

Like its blue counterparts, Pink Imperial Katalang Topaz is known for its durability, ranking at an 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness. This makes it suitable for everyday wear, ensuring that your jewelry piece will maintain its beauty for a lifetime.

When it comes to designing with Pink Imperial Katalang Topaz, the possibilities are endless. Its soft and feminine color pairs beautifully with various metals and other gemstones, allowing for breathtaking jewelry creations. Whether it's a dreamy pendant, an elegant bracelet, or a romantic ring, Pink Imperial Katalang Topaz will add an enchanting touch to any design.

Did I mention it's huge? This cushion cut stone measures 13x13mm and is 12mm deep. It will make a dramatic statement piece as a pendant or a ring.

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