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Incredible 6.46ct AAA red Oregon Sunstone marquise

Incredible 6.46ct AAA red Oregon Sunstone marquise


This is one of those stones everyone loves to see when I'm out at the markets selling. Although the pictures are beautiful, when you see it in person, it's an absolutely breathtaking example of Oregon Sunstone that leaves no question about why it was named the official gemstone of this state in 1987.

Oregon Sunstone was valued highly by Northern Piute indigenous people and often used it in medicine wheel ceremonies and as a sacred stone for burial.

While over 95% of all Oregon Sunstone is a yellowish to clear color, the natural copper sometimes displays colors ranging from pink to orangish red to teal and green. These bright blood red stones are some of the most highly sought-after. That added sparkle of copper "schiller", the visible bits of copper you see at one end of this stone make it one of the rarest you'll see.

This marquise cut is perfect for either a pendant or a statement ring. And what a statement it would be.

The stone weighs 6.46ct and measures 20mmx10mm.

I always price my stones at wholesale, and this one is no exception. Retail on this stone would be over $5000.

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