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Incredible 5.19ct Swat Valley Emerald

Incredible 5.19ct Swat Valley Emerald


This exceptional piece is a gorgeous emerald, ethically sourced from the pristine valleys of Swat in Pakistan. Meticulously handcrafted, it boasts an awe-inspiring size that will leave you breathless.

This is a large stone, weighing 5.19ct and measures 9.5x9.4mm. This would be an ideal stone for a magnificent ring or pendant.

The color is perfectly balanced vivid blue green with a splendid jardin.

This large Swat Valley Emerald is a true testament to the mastery of nature, created over millions of years in the depths of the earth. Its clarity and remarkable cut ensure that it sparkles with brilliance from every angle, commanding attention wherever it goes.

The allure of the Swat Valley Emerald extends beyond its mesmerizing beauty. This gemstone is believed to possess mystical healing properties and symbolizes abundance, fertility, and empowerment. It is said to bring harmony, balance, and prosperity to its wearer, making it a cherished treasure for generations to come.

Adorn yourself with this exceptional Swat Valley Emerald and experience the power it holds. Imagine the envy in the eyes of others as you grace any occasion with this statement piece. Whether it's an extravagant gala, a romantic evening, or a celebration of personal accomplishments, this emerald will elevate your beauty and make you the center of attention.

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