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Huge 17.25ct Golden Champagne Oregon Sunstone

Huge 17.25ct Golden Champagne Oregon Sunstone


This stone has golden overtones with hints of green. It measures 15.3x15.3 and is 12.5mm deep. This would make an amazing pendant.

Oregon Sunstone, the state's official gemstone, comes in colors ranging from warm pinks and brilliant red or reddish orange to deep green and teal, but champagne is the most common color found. The colors come from microscopic copper platelets within the stone. Sometimes, they appear as bright coppery "schiller," and other times, they appear as colors in the stone. Many stones will have both.

Typically, Oregon Sunstone crystals are not big enough to produce a stone of this size. Many crystals found are 5-20ct. A stone of 50-60cts is rare.

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