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Gorgeous 2.6ct Untreated Natural Ruby ring

Gorgeous 2.6ct Untreated Natural Ruby ring


There's a big difference between a "natural" ruby and an untreated ruby. Then, there's lab created rubies. Natural rubies can still have undergone treatments, which include heat treatment, oiling, resin filling, and fracture filling. Lab created rubies generally look "too perfect" and generally don't have color variations and imperfections that are the hallmark of natural rubies.

The stone in this ring is a 2.6ct untreated natural ruby from Afghanistan. While there are imperfections, the stone is absolutely gorgeous with a deep velvety purplish red hue.

It's set in a simple 14k white gold prong setting. The gold weight is 2.43gms.

You might never see a natural stone like this at your local jeweler who only stocks the "perfect looking" lab grown or treated stones. If you want the real deal, this is it.

This ring would be the ideal engagement ring, anniversary gift, birthday gift, etc. The ring is US size 7 but can easily be resized by any competent jeweler.

Normally, the stone alone would cost you $1,000 or more. I'm selling this ring at $900.

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