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Dazzling Oregon Sunstone 11x9mm 4.2ct

Dazzling Oregon Sunstone 11x9mm 4.2ct


This stone is a classic example of copper schiller in peach colored Oregon Sunstone. What a perfect stone to wear on a bright summer day! In natural or artifical light, this stone shines with an inner beauty.

Copper schiller is a unique optical effect found in some Oregon sunstones. It is caused by the presence of microscopic copper platelets within the stone, which create a metallic luster and a play of light. When viewed from certain angles, the copper schiller can create a glittering effect that is quite striking.

The term "schiller" is derived from the German word for "glitter" or "sparkle." In the case of Oregon sunstone, the copper schiller can be seen as a glittering sheen or a series of bright metallic flashes within the stone.

This particular stone is fairly large, weighing 4.2ct and measuring 11x9mm. It would make an impressive ring or pendant.

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