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Dark pink AAA schiller Oregon Sunstone 1.02ct

Dark pink AAA schiller Oregon Sunstone 1.02ct


Here's a nice little Oregon Sunstone with some fantastic color and copper schiller.

Oregon Sunstone is such a fun material because no two stones are ever 100% alike. This one has that AAA copper schiller, and the color is a nice dark pink, a little less orange than some. The color is almost what I'd call a Padparadscha pink.

There are many legends around Oregon Sunstone and Sunstone in general. The Northern Piute legend is that a great warrior fell wounded by an enemies arrow. The warriors blood carried his spirit into the stones, staining them red and giving them sacred power.

The Norse were known to have used calcite to be able to determine the location of the sun on overcast days, but this is different from the silicate feldspar we know as Sunstone today.

While there are other feldspar materials known as Sunstone, Oregon Sunstone is the only one with the unique copper inclusions.

This particular gem weighs 1.02ct and measures 6mm. It's cut into a cute cushion design that would work well in a ring or a small pendant.

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