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Champagne Oregon Sunstone tennis bracelet

Champagne Oregon Sunstone tennis bracelet


Here's yet another champagne Oregon Sunstone version of the classic tennis bracelet every woman needs in their jewelry box.

But what exactly is a tennis bracelet, and why do we call them that?

It seems the dainty gemstone bracelets, most commonly associated with diamonds, were called eternity bracelets until the late 1970s, when tennis star Chris Evert was known to wear this type of bracelet while playing. As a matter of fact, in 1978, while playing in an early round of the US Open, her bracelet broke in the middle of a match, and play was suspended until it was found. Soon, jewelers started referring to them as tennis bracelets, and women began wearing them in much less formal settings than ever before.

Of course, a lot of work goes into a tennis bracelet, each stone needs to be set, and each piece is linked together to make this beautiful fashion accessory.

But you don't need to have sports star money to afford an Oregon Sunstone tennis bracelet. This lavish bracelet featuring 24 7x5 oval Oregon Sunstones is available on my website. The total length is 7.5 inches. It's set in sterling silver with a rhodium plating to keep it shining and beautiful without a lot of work.

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