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Amazing Watermellon Oregon Sunstone 2.63ct

Amazing Watermellon Oregon Sunstone 2.63ct


Take a look at the depth of color on this gorgeous Oregon Sunstone. If you like greens, teals, and deep burgundy red, this is the one for you. Also note the slight copper schiller streaking across the front. Truly, this is a work of nature's beauty.

The rough from this stone comes from the Sunstone Butte area of the rabbit basin in Eastern Oregon. Some of the most beautiful colored Oregon Sunstone in the world come from this mine. It's easy to see why jewelry designers are often so drawn to this material.

This stone weighs 2.63ct and is 10x7mm. Perfect size for a ring or a pendant. I could see this being set with other stones like garnet or dark green tourmaline to accent the colors.

Retail on a stone like this can be upwards of $500/ct, but you get a great deal from me at wholesale price.

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