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9x7mm Oregon Sunstone pair for earrings 3.6tcw

9x7mm Oregon Sunstone pair for earrings 3.6tcw


Here's another spectacular pair of brilliant orangeish red/pink Oregon Sunstone ovals for a perfect set of earrings.

If you're not familiar with Oregon Sunstone yet, it's a feldspar material with a similar hardness to tanzanite. They are always untreated, the stones come out with different colors based on the amount and the orientation of the copper platelets, often referred to as "schiller" within the stone. They are the official state gemstone of Oregon and are not to be confused with Indian, African or Scandinavian Sunstone which do not contain copper and are generally opaque instead of being transparent.

These particular stones do have AAA schiller which adds to their mysterious appearance, giving them a golden inner glow.

They measure 9x7mm and 3.6tcw.

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