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5.46ct Emerald Cut Champagne Oregon Sunstone

5.46ct Emerald Cut Champagne Oregon Sunstone


Oregon Sunstone comes in many colors. "Champagne" or "Golden" are the most common but even these are very rare as they're only found in one small remote area of the Oregon Outback and take many hours of hard work to dig. 


While this stone is the most common color, it does have things which set it apart. The large size is one factor, it also shows some green tint when viewed at the right angle. It's almost imossible to photograph Oregon Sunstone as you'll learn when you take this beauty home.


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It would make an impressive pendant or be great in a wrap. The colors go well with sterling silver, white or yellow gold.  As impressive as it is, this stone is very resonably priced.


Measures 13.2x9.8mm

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