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5.1mm Oregon Sunstone cushion 0.55ct

5.1mm Oregon Sunstone cushion 0.55ct


Here, we have an exquisite pink and gold 5.1mm cushion cut bi-color Oregon Sunstone with copper schiller!

Are you ready to dazzle the world with a gemstone that combines elegance, uniqueness, and natural beauty? Look no further than this stunning pink and gold Oregon Sunstone. This 5.1mm cushion cut gem, with its bi-color tone, is a true conversation starter.

While the size might be small, it's huge on color, and each flicker and sparkle will leave you in awe. The captivating phenomenon of copper schiller adds a touch of magic, creating a mesmerizing play of light and color.

But it's not just about its captivating aesthetics. This Oregon Sunstone carries a piece of nature's magic with it. Mined from the renowned Oregon mines, each gem tells a story of the earth's ancient forces, bringing a touch of the natural world into your life.

The small size is perfect for a petite ring or a piece of body jewelry like a philtrum or nose ring.

Whether you make a ring, pendant, or piece of body jewelry from this stone, it's guaranteed to be an attention grabber.

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