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3.75ct Bi-color Oregon Sunstone with intense schiller

3.75ct Bi-color Oregon Sunstone with intense schiller


This Oregon Sunstone is a real stunner. Bi-color maroon and deep green with copper schiller across the front.

For those less familiar, Oregon sunstone is a rare and unique gemstone found in the southeastern part of the state. It's a type of feldspar that contains small amounts of copper, which gives it its beautiful and distinctive color.

The stone can range in color from pale yellow to deep red, with the most valuable stones being a bright, almost neon orange-pink, brilliant red or deep forest green. Many have two or three colors visible depending on the viewing angle. The copper in the sunstone also gives it an iridescent quality, causing it to sparkle and shine in the light. This "schiller" effect can range from being not visible at all to highly visible, as in this example.

This stone measures 14x7mm and would be ideal in a pendant. Weight is 3.75ct

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