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3.68ct Pink Diaspore from Afghanistan

3.68ct Pink Diaspore from Afghanistan


What do you love about Pink diaspore?

I love that it's a relatively unheard of stone. While it might look similar to stones like Amythist, purple sapphire, spinel or perhaps even morganite, it is the little inclusions that run through the stone, giving each its own unique fingerprint.

The stone also exhibits color change like its Turkish cousin Zultanite. Where Zultanite changes from brown to green, this has a subtle lavender to pink change in bright sunlight.

It was first brought to market in Peshawar Pakistan after being discovered in neighboring Afghanistan. The miners and people who literally risk their lives to bring a few handfuls of this material across the border into Pakistan are the true heroes here. One handful of stones can feed a family for a year.

This particular stone measures 10.8x6.9mm and weighs 3.68ct. It's a good size for either a ring or a pendant.

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