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2.1ct Oregon Sunstone oval 9x7mm

2.1ct Oregon Sunstone oval 9x7mm


Take a look at the amazing copper schiller in this Oregon Sunstone.

Oregon's official state gem has so much spectacular color, and the way the copper inclusions refract light is just beautiful. No other gemstone in the world will give you this.

Oregon Sunstone is rare, being only found in the Eastern Oregon Outback in a very small area known as the Rabbit Basin near the Steens and Hart Mountain.

While there are public areas where you can go and find stones in the surface, the majority of stones with good color like this one are found under the lava beds by expert geologists who know precisely where to dig. It's mined responsibly with no damage to the environment. The area is home to wild horses and mules, antelope, coyotes, bighorn sheep, mule deer, and many migratory birds.

Stone weight is 2.1ct and measures 9x7mm. It would fit easily into a ready made setting.

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