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Thank you so very much!

I know it's been a long time since I wrote a blog post. It's been a crazy and hectic Holliday season with so much to do this year.

I first of all want to thank all my customers, old and new for continuing to trust me to be their go-to provider for Oregon Sunstone and other gems I've been working on such as the emeralds from Swat Pakistan, the Pink Diaspore from Afghanistan, Bi-color Sapphires, rubies and more. This year was my first doing gem sales "full time" after having done this for years as a side hustle. Finally this little business is taking off and it's an exciting and frightening time for me.

I'm now preparing to leave for Tucson where I'll be attending the 22nd Street show with a booth in the North Pavilion tent. If you're a jeweler or a client who has the ability to come out, I'm looking forward to meeting with you all. I'll be in booth S2.

I'll be bringing more jewelery and gemstones out than I ever have before. Lots of Oregon Sunstone rings and pendants and of course earrings. I'll have studs available starting at just $40 per pair and dozens of other styles to choose from.

If you're a jeweler looking for the perfect stone to have on hand for the client who has to have something unique and different, I'll have hundreds of loose stones. Oregon Sunstone, Pink Diaspore, Madagascar Sapphire, Swat Emerald, Afghanistan Ruby and more.

Thank you again for making this the best year yet for RoseGemShop and I'll be looking forward to working with you even more in 2024.

Happy New Year!

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