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Very Large 8.46ct Oregon Sunstone.  Greenish/Gold

Very Large 8.46ct Oregon Sunstone. Greenish/Gold


This all natural Oregon sunstone is extraordinary.   The color shifts from champagne gold to a green color depending on light and orientation.  


Oregon sunstone is classified as a cuprian laboradite feldspar,  and while there are other forms of sunstone from India and other places,  only Oregon Sunstone has the unique copper platelets known as schiller which give it that shimmering glow.   Sometimes the schiller is easily visible and looks like stars,  other times like in the stone the clarity is so good you can't notice the schiller with the naked eye. 


Oregon sunstone was highly prized by local Native American people in Oregon and traded to other tribes as it made its way throughout the west.   It is still found in many Native burial sites.    It was selected as the official state gemstone in 1987.


This very large stone would be stunning as a pendant,  either on its own or combined with other gemstones.


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