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Tiny Swat Valley Pakistan emerald. 27ct

Tiny Swat Valley Pakistan emerald. 27ct


Here's a very pretty little brilliant green emerald from Swat Valley Pakistan.

The color is incredible, and though it's small, still stand out on l in the right piece.

Maybe you'll use it in a dainty ring, or perhaps as a septum ring or other body jewelry. It would also go well paired with other gems for contrast such as an Amythist or morganite. Maybe you'll set it in 18k yellow gold, or white gold or platinum.

This stone measures 4.6x3.2mm and weighs .27ct.

Swat emerald is very affordable compared to other precious stones. The price of this one is only $120. If you've never worked with emerald before because of the high price tag on Columbian emeralds, now you can.

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