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Swat Pakistan emerald pair 1.82tcw

Swat Pakistan emerald pair 1.82tcw


What's two tenths of a millimeter between friends?

When it comes to a matched pair of emeralds for earrings, I guarantee nobody will notice. But they will notice the exceptional quality of these minimally oiled swat emerald with a dazzling dark vivid green color and gorgeous luster.

The two stones measure 6.3x5 and 6.5x5mm. Total ct weight is 1.82.

These are perfect for a pair of earrings or to be the two outer stones on a three stone setting.

Swat emeralds have been mined for over 2500 years and have been found in a Roman archeological site in France. They became lost to the west until they were rediscovered in 1955. Many emerald experts feel the color of these emeralds is as good or better than the finest Columbian emeralds.

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