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Rough Schiller Oregon Sunstone beadcage pendant

Rough Schiller Oregon Sunstone beadcage pendant


This little necklace features a nice piece of rough Oregon Sunstone with intense schiller.

Oregon Sunstone is a cuprian laboradite feldspar material that shimmers due to the copper "schiller".

Oregon Sunstone has a sunny vitality and is for leadership. It it is supposed to be a stone of optimism and good will. It is an exordinary looking stone with exceptional qualities. As a stone of the leaders it promotes independence and originality, it gently and lovingly encourages accepting responsibilities and enhances organizational skills. Lifting up all fears and stress it is believed to bring good luck. It is also the state of Oregon official gemstone.

The cage is a nickel free alloy, so if purchasing for someone with metal allergies please know it is not sterling. The chain however, is. Chain length is 18".

This necklace is perfect for birthday gift, anniversary, mother's day, quinceañera, sweet 16, friendship or sweetheart.




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