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Rough natural Oregon Sunstone bead cage pendant

Rough natural Oregon Sunstone bead cage pendant


This Oregon Sunstone pendant is sure to please and be the center of attention whenever worn.

Trapped inside a 22x11mm bead cage is a dazzling piece of all natural Oregon Sunstone with copper "schiller".

Schiller is the term given to a coppery aventurescence caused by microscopic bits of copper inside the stone.

Oregon Sunstone is our official state gemstone, and we proudly mine this stone ourselves in the Eastern Oregon Outback.

Some value the stone for its alleged metaphysical properties, claiming that it holds a positive energy represented by the power of the sun, bestowing prosperity, wisdom, fearlessness, generosity, and mental clarity.

The pendant comes on a beautiful 30" long sterling silver snake chain 1mm wide.

This would make a perfect gift for a special person in your life who needs a little sunshine to take with them throughout the day.

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