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Red Green AAA Oregon Sunstone with Schiller 3.33ct

Red Green AAA Oregon Sunstone with Schiller 3.33ct


This Oregon Sunstone got all the colors in the crayon box! Wow, bright green, red and gold, with a dazzling schiller.

The cut is called a zig-zag and goes with this stone so perfectly. If you like darker colored Oregon Sunstones this is the one for you.

All natural with no treatments whatsoever, this stone is a true American beauty.

Oregon Sunstone is a unique and rare gemstone known for its captivating reddish color and remarkable optical phenomena. Oregon Sunstone is a type of feldspar mineral that belongs to the same family as moonstone and labradorite. However, what distinguishes Oregon Sunstone from other feldspar gemstones is its distinctive copper content, which imparts the stone's characteristic reddish, orange, or golden hues.

The "Red Green" variety of Oregon Sunstone refers specifically to stones that display a combination of red and green colors. These gems can exhibit a broad range of shades and color combinations, from deep red and vibrant green to softer, more pastel tones. This unique color play is often described as a mesmerizing interplay of warm and cool hues.

One of the most intriguing features of Oregon Sunstone is its ability to display a phenomenon called aventurescence. Aventurescence is the shimmering or sparkling effect that occurs when light interacts with tiny copper platelets or inclusions within the stone. When viewed from different angles, these platelets reflect light, creating a captivating play of color and luster.

This stone measures 10.5x7.9x5 9mm and weighs 3.33ct.

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