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Oregon Sunstone with spectacular schiller 6.43ct

Oregon Sunstone with spectacular schiller 6.43ct


This one is a huge 6.43ct cushion measuring 13.7x12mm.

The "average" piece of rough found is about 10ct. From this you might get a 1-2ct finished stone. This is why larger pieces like this command a higher price. The original rough this stone came from was about 40ct and shot through with exquisite schiller.

The optics on this stone are just out of this world with copper shiller in two directions through this stone. Be sure to take a look at the macro pics. Just mind blowing!

Of course, these fireworks are due to the copper schiller inside the stone. Sometimes, the copper changes the color to red or green or even two or three colors in one stone. Other stones, like this one, have visible copper that makes them a work of art even before the jewler takes over.

This stone belongs in a statement piece of jewelry like a ring or a pendant.

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