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Oregon Sunstone and moonstone bead earrings

Oregon Sunstone and moonstone bead earrings


I'm loving these Oregon Sunstone with moonstone bead earnings. Each pair I make is a one-of-a-kind, and this one is a little smaller than some others I've made. The length is about 14mm.

There's one larger faceted champagne Oregon Sunstone bead (about 9mm), and two small faceted moonstone beads (about 2.5mm) dangling on a sterling silver bead pin on each earring.

These earrings are elegant without being over the top. Great for daily wear at the office or an evening out. With neutral colors, they'll go with any outfit.

Oregon Sunstone is the state's official gemstone and some value the stone for its alleged metaphysical properties, claiming that it holds a positive energy represented by the power of the sun, bestowing prosperity, wisdom, fearlessness, generosity, and mental clarity. Moonstone is often linked to the divine feminine, is believed to harness the moon's energy, bringing calm, balance, and intuition to its wearer.

These would make a perfect gift or a great treat for yourself.

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