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Natural Copper schiller Oregon Sunstone pendant

Natural Copper schiller Oregon Sunstone pendant


This 23ct piece of copper schiller filled Oregon Sunstone could have been cut into a beautiful faceted gem, or two very nice ones for a sweet of earrings. But when I saw the natural shape, formed over millions of years by wind blown sand in the Eastern Oregon Outback until it was picked up, I knew this stone had a higher purpose.

Instead, I opted to carefully and slowly drill a small hole in the top and mount it on a 925 Sterling bale. Then put it on this 1mm, 20" sterling rope chain. It could also be put on a larger chain to be worn by a man.

If you're moved by nature and love natural stone like I do, maybe this pendant is for you. Of course, since the holidays are rapidly approaching, this would also make a fantastic gift for a friend or loved one.

If you'd like to purchase this with a different or larger chain for a man, please use the customization option when purchasing. You'll be charged $125 for this piece, and I can quote you for a larger chain at a reasonable price. You'll pay the difference once we determine the right chain and its price.

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