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Lusterous deep green Swat Valley Pakistan emerald, 1.56ct 8x5mm

Lusterous deep green Swat Valley Pakistan emerald, 1.56ct 8x5mm


This might look like a sour apple Jolly Rancher candy, but it's not.

This beautiful stone is an 8x5mm Swat Valley emerald.

Emeralds from the Swat Valley are highly regarded for their exceptional quality and natural beauty. They are known for their intense green color, which is often described as a vivid grassy or leafy green. The color is owed to traces of chromium within the crystal structure of the emerald.

The Swat Valley emeralds are treasured in the gemstone industry for their unique combination of color, transparency, and size. They are considered among some of the finest emeralds in the world, rivaling renowned gemstone sources like Colombia and Zambia.

This particular stone is cut with a very deep pavilion, making the green that much more intense. Color is a vivid green, with small inclusions.

The price on this stone is only $671 for a very high-quality emerald to make a luxurious custom ring or pendant.

If you need assistance with creating your own custom piece of jewelry, just check out our jewlery design center for more information.





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