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Lab created Emerald & diamond pendant and earrings

Lab created Emerald & diamond pendant and earrings


This exquisite set of jewelry comes from lab created stones. The diamonds as well as the emeralds are all the same mineral as stones from the ground, but these are grown in a lab which means two things. First they are priced significantly lower than their natural counterparts. Secondly because they come from a lab, we know the origin of the stone is clean. No child labor, no impoverished miner risking their life for pennies in the mine, no risk of funding warlords who impose their will on the people around them. It's an ethical stone.

The lustre of these emeralds, the beauty is a match for the finest for the most expensive ones from Columbia. Each one measures 10x8mm. The diamonds sparkle as bright as the best stores from South Africa, and measure 3.5mm. The stones are set in beautiful sterling silver with rhodium plating for a long lasting shine.

Great yourself or someone you love to this fabulous set today.

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