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Incredible dichroic green/pink 11.6ct Oregon Sunstone

Incredible dichroic green/pink 11.6ct Oregon Sunstone


Green Oregon Sunstone are the rarest there are. Get one that has colors like these and size? That's a unicorn, for sure.

While Oregon Sunstone comes in many colors, about 90% of them are champagne or clear. Another 5-7% are peach shiller, while 2% are red and 1% might be green to some degree. To find a stone this color and size is difficult at best.

This bicolor green/gold Oregon Sunstone has that peachy copper "schiller" effect while remaining very clear. It's a balancing act this stone pulls off so well.

This will make a remarkable piece of custom jewelry. If you've got a client who loves green Oregon Sunstone, this is the one to show them.

Stone weight is a massive 11.6ct and measures 19x14.5mm with a depth of 8mm. Breathtakingly cut into a wide pear shape that shows off the deep green color of this stone.

Stone is "eye clean" with a small flaw you can see under magnification at the shoulder on the face of the stone. It's not Something you'd see with the naked eye, but I did want to disclose this.

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