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Huge 22.91ct tri-color Oregon Sunstone

Huge 22.91ct tri-color Oregon Sunstone


Oregon Sunstone, the always natural and untreated state gem is a rare feldspar containing copper, which gives it not only a wide range of colors, but also the aventurescent quality called "schiller" from thousands of microscopic bits of copper inside the stone.

Usually, these crystals get only as large as 60-70cts before being cut. Often, bigger crystals have fractures, which makes cutting large stones over 10cts difficult.

This stone, however, is not the norm. It weighs a massive 22.9ct and measures 23x17mm. It's the largest stone in my inventory. Just being large isn't the only thing that makes this stone special, though. The tri-color green, pink, and gold or "mystique" color is one of the rarest for Oregon Sunstone. Watch the colors shift and move as the stone turns.

The concave cutting on this gem also ads to the brilliance, giving it a radient shine. It is truly a one of a kind masterpiece.

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