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Enormous Mystique all natural Oregon sunstone. 8.43ct

Enormous Mystique all natural Oregon sunstone. 8.43ct


This exquisite stone was mined by me from the Dust Devil Mine in Eastern Oregon.   

This stone was formed over 15 million years ago in a volcanic eruption.   It is classified as a cuprian laboradite feldspar. 

If you're not familiar with this type of stone,  they're the official gemstone of Oregon and only found in one remote part of the state.   Don't be confused by "Sunstone" from India which is much more common and not nearly gemstone quality like this is.   

This particular stone is a great example of Mystique coloration with brilliant green and peachy colors.   The light shiller effect is from copper platelets which make it shimmer. 

Retail price on a large stone of this color is upwards of $600 per ct.  This would be a great investment stone,  and certainly would be beautiful in a pendant.   Buy it miner direct for about half price.   At this price, just buy it and hold as an investment.


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