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Deep burgundy red Oregon Sunstone 2.47ct

Deep burgundy red Oregon Sunstone 2.47ct


Here's a vibrant Deep Burgundy Red Oregon Sunstone Gemstone. Perfect size for an elegant ring, pendant, or brooch.

Add a splash of luxury to your jewelry collection with this exquisite faceted deep burgundy red Oregon Sunstone gemstone! This rare and stunning gem boasts:

Deep burgundy red color with a hint of schillerization for added depth and sparkle

Expert faceting to maximize brilliance and fire

High clarity and durability for everyday wear

Unique origin from the high deserts near Plush, Oregon, USA


Weight: 2.47ct


Cut: Faceted

Shape: Round

Clarity: VS1

Perfect for:

- Jewelry designers seeking unique and rare gemstones

- Collectors of fine gemstones

- Anyone looking for a show-stopping piece of jewelry

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