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Oregon Sunstone in epoxy ear gauges size 16-25mm

Oregon Sunstone in epoxy ear gauges size 16-25mm


New product alert!

I now have available ground Oregon Sunstone in epoxy resin ear gauges available in sizes from 8 - 25mm. This is for 8-14mm There is a separate listing for 16-25mm.

Since i wear gauges myself, I have long thought that Oregon Sunstone would make a great guage, but the problem is that for most larger sizes, it's almost impossible to get a single crystal large enough to carve into the right shape. If you did, it might be a $3000-$5000 set of guages. Yikes! The stone is also fragile, so it might last a month if you're careful. No thanks.

It has taken months of development, but I've finally found a formulathat works to mix Oregon Sunstone in epoxy. It makes a very stable material and has a different glow than individual crystal. The shiller is still seen and looks great.

They're much lighter weight than stone or glass, about the weight of wood. Of course, since it's non-porous, there's none of the mess with wood, especially if you're stretching up a size.

Sizes are 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, and 25mm. Please specify the size when ordering.

Limited availability while I'm ramping up production. Order a pair (or three) now.

Since each piece contains natural stone, and it's impossible to get the same amount of stone in each pour, there will be some slight variations in color, but all will be beautiful.

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