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Breathtaking natutral Afghan ruby 10x8.45mm. 3.67ct

Breathtaking natutral Afghan ruby 10x8.45mm. 3.67ct


Hailing from Afghanistan, this untreated ruby has amazing fluorescence under uv light.

The color in this stone is a velvety purplish red with normal inclusions found in natural stones. Don't be fooled by that "perfect red ruby" you saw at the department store. This is natural, untreated ruby without the glass or epoxy fillers and heat treatment found in those other stones.

Untreated rubies from Afghanistan are highly valued in the gemstone market. Rubies from Afghanistan are known for their deep red color and exceptional quality. They are often prized for their natural beauty and rarity, as untreated rubies are becoming increasingly scarce. The lack of treatment ensures that the color and characteristics of the ruby are completely natural, making them highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. Afghanistan has a long history of producing fine rubies, and the unadulterated gems from this region continue to be highly regarded in the gemstone industry.

This particular stone measures 10x8.45 mm and weighs 3.67ct. It's cut in traditional style, meaning it is not as deep as some stones in order to give you more surface area. This stone would look fabulous in a pendant, a ladies or a gentleman's ring.

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