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Bicolor cushion Oregon Sunstone 8.83ct

Bicolor cushion Oregon Sunstone 8.83ct


This is one of those Oregon Sunstones you only see once in a while. Its depth of color is absolutely breathtaking. The dark green accented with coppery red schiller is mesmerizing.

Oregon Sunstone is rare in the world of feldspar in that it contains copper. Most stones will only show a little hint of this copper when they display a little aventurescence, that inner glow seen as it flashes in the sunlight. About 10% of these stones will display any color at all, usually a pinkish peach color. Then there's the 1%rs. Stones like the one you're seeing here that are so rare they must be used to create a custom-made masterpiece.

This particular stone is 8.83ct and measures 14.4x11mm. It would make a very impressive cocktail ring or pendant.

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