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9mm 2.46ct bi-color Oregon Sunstone

9mm 2.46ct bi-color Oregon Sunstone


This bi-color Oregon Sunstone is what we often call a "watermellon" with a green rind around that juicy red. Of course this stone doesn't exhibit the brighter colors of $500/ct watermellon, but it is a great price for a beautiful stone that will get people asking you, "What stone is that?"

Oregon Sunstone is the official state gemstone, and I'm proud to be one of the miners who bring this stone directly from the source to you. The color is due to natural copper platelets within the stone. Unlike "Andesine" which is not a natural material, this stone is 100% natural and the only Sunstone like it.

Colors can range from a pale yellow to a deep red, green or even lavender and teal. The deeper the color, the rarer the stone.

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