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9.7x7.2mm 2.54ct AAA Red Oregon Sunstone

9.7x7.2mm 2.54ct AAA Red Oregon Sunstone


This is one of the very few "screaming red" Oregon Sunstones that come into my inventory. Calling this rare is an understatement. One Oregon Sunstone in about 1000 will exhibit this kind of color, maybe less.

Oregon Sunstone is rare as it is. It's only found in one remote part of Southeast Oregon in Lake County and one spot in neighboring Harney County.

The stone can range in color from pale yellow to deep red, with the most valuable stones being a bright, almost neon orange-pink, brilliant red or deep forest green. Many have two or three colors visible depending on the viewing angle. The copper in the sunstone also gives it an iridescent quality, causing it to sparkle and shine in the light.

This stone was mined by me, and I can guarantee the authenticity. There are unscrupulous dealers in other countries who advertise "Oregon Sunstone," but it is often Andesine and "enhanced" ie treated.

Oregon Sunstone is always all natural and untreated as this one is.

This particular stone is 9.7x7.2mm and weighs 2.54ct. It is rated AAA brilliant red with slight schiller.

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