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6.9ct Multicolor Oregon Sunstone in custom octagon shape

6.9ct Multicolor Oregon Sunstone in custom octagon shape


For a unique piece of custom jewelry you need to start with a unique gemstone. This one is it.


Every Oregon Sunstone is unique with no two alike but this one is in a class of its own. Starting with the color this red, green and gold Oregon Sunstone has colors that shift and change in the light. There's also schiller, the unique copper platelets you can see dancing across the face like glitter embedded in the stone. This stone is also cut in a unique octagon shape that is totally custom to the stone.


Whether you mount this stone as a solo piece in a pronged basket setting or along with diamond, garnet, topaz or sapphire, this stone will surely amaze and be the center of attention.


Oregon Sunstone has been increasing in value in the last few years and this stone would also make a great investment just to hold onto for a while.


Measures 14x10.7mm and weighs just shy of 7ct


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