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4.14ct Brilliant Red/Green/Gold Oregon Sunstone

4.14ct Brilliant Red/Green/Gold Oregon Sunstone


Do you have a hard time making up your mind as to whether you like red or green Oregon Sunstones more?  Why not get both in one stone.  Throw in some gold and a little blue while you're at it. This pear shaped stone has just about everything you might want in terms of color. From a brilliant bright red to a simmering gold to a lush green and everything inbetween. 


This stone was made to go into a very special piece of jewelery.  If you have a jewler already who knows how to work with Oregon Sunstone, that's perfect. If not please contact me so you can purchase this stone and I can work with my jewlery designer and use your ideas to design your own custom piece of jewelry within your own budget.


Measures 15.7x9.1mm.


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