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3.53ct Peach pink Oregon Sunstone "padparadsha"

3.53ct Peach pink Oregon Sunstone "padparadsha"


This absolutely beautiful Oregon Sunstone is what I like to call an "Oregon Padparadscha."

Padparadscha is a Sanskrit word that describes the color of a lotus blossom and if you're not familiar with it in terms of gemstones, it's a color of sapphire that is about the rarest in the world.

Instead of paying $1,000,000 for one, I offer you the Oregon Padparadscha. It is much more common and affordable, and in my opinion, just as beautiful.

This particular stone features a very clear look with no visible "schiller" which is a sought-after feature in Oregon Sunstone.

Weight is 3.53ct and measures 12x9.2mm

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