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3.26ct green "mystique" Oregon Sunstone barion pear

3.26ct green "mystique" Oregon Sunstone barion pear


This is just another reason I absolutely love working with Oregon Sunstone. Here's a 3.26ct "mystique" green and coppery pink one in a barion pear shape with a deep belly to fully take advantage of the color in this stone.

The measurements on this stone are 12.8 x 8.3, and it is 6.8mm deep.

The color is a nice deep green with accents of peach from the copper schiller inside the stone.

The color doesn't get much better than this, and in natural or artificial light, it's a real attention grabber.

Use this in an amazing pendant or ring. I'd suggest yellow gold for this one, but of course, it would look great in any metal.

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