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New Shipment of Emerald Rough Coming Soon

I have just completed purchase of a small lot of Swat Valley Emeralds from Pakistan. What are Swat Valley Emeralds you might ask?

Swat Valley in North Eastern Pakistan is home to some of the most beautiful emeralds in the world. They were well known in ancient times. The Romans built roads in the area and there is evidence these stones were mined for their beauty at that time. The stones were then forgotten about largely until they were "rediscovered" in 1958. War and local disputes have made emeralds from this region difficult to obtain, until about 2009 when the Pakistani government retook control of the area.

I have found a good reliable source for these stones and know them to be reputable. The color, luster and clarity of these emeralds rivals the finest emeralds from Columbia, but the price is significantly better.

I'll be sending these off to be faceted into beautiful stones soon. Keep watching for more.

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