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My first Monthly Newsletter: Oregon Sunstone Mines and Markets

Updated: May 29

Hi all,

I've been told I need to add new content on a regular basis, so I've decided to start a new monthly newsletter. In it you'll find information about new projects in undertaking, new gemstone information, news about Oregon Sunstone and much more. You can subscribe to the newsletter if you have not in the form below...

This last month or so has been a wild and busy time at RoseGemShop.

Sunstone Mine Trip

Two trips made to the Rabbit Basin Oregon Sunstone mines, a drive to Seattle just for fun (and a little business), a trip out to Skamania Lodge in Richardson, WA for a stylized photo shoot, and Eugene Saturday Market starting again (in earnest).

Let’s start with the two trips to the mines.  I visited friends at Dust Devil, Spectrum and Sunstone Butte mines had some great times and brought my dog Loki out for some fun and adventure. 

Leif Helgeson, Dust Devil Mining | Loki Dog enjoying the shade at Spectrum Mine | A nice little Sunstone Nugget

I was able to get about 2 kilos of material in two trips, not a bad return. Some were the very highly colored specimens you see here.

Though most of the pieces were on the smaller side (about 5-10 cts each) they do cut some

pretty little stones. I cut these nice little 4mm rounds that will make great earrings or accent stones and even some little 2mm rounds and marquis stones for body jewelry.

Rough high quality Oregon Sunstone Colored Oregon Sunstone 4mm

As always the mines were beautiful, though the drive out on April the 19th was a little dicey, snow in the passes and after I left, I heard there was a 4’ dump of snow at the Sunstone Butte area which has a little higher elevation than the rabbit basin.

Sunstone Jewelry at Pike Street and Saturday Market

I completed another trip around the sun on April 21st, and my wife Sybol and I celebrated with a weekend trip to Seattle. Had a great time exploring Pike Place market (though I couldn't help visiting with the jewelry makers and giving my card and talking about Oregon Sunstone.

Sybol at Pike Street Public Market | Sybol and I near Neah Bay, WA | Flowers at Pike Street Public Market

While in Seattle, we took a nice drive around theOlympic Peninsula through Forks (yes, from Twilight) and the furthest Northwest spot in the US, Cape Flattery, WA. It was a nice getaway and a relaxing few days before getting back to the grind of making jewelry and gemstones.

Skamania Lodge hosted many vendors at a stylized wedding shoot that I provided the jewelry for. 

The theme was “Feathers and Ribbons” and there were many participants.

Creator/Photographer: @ashes.galaxy put together the event and  Coordination: @beyondtheveil_events did a great job coordinating everything. The venue was @skamanialodgeand it is absolutely gorgeous. I highly recommend checking them out for events.

Photographer: @megangallagherphoto and Videographer: @tonedeffenterprises, Rentals: @dashofdarlingpartyco, Signage+Paper Goods: @trelliscreativeco, Floral: @darling_dahlia_floral, HMUA: @marianahaynes_artistry

Cake: @sugarhousecake, Chocolatier: @timberrosetruffleco, Boozy Pops: @sloshypops and Models: @lifeofftherez + @pascua98 all made a magical event.

Model @pascua98 in emeralds by RoseGemShop  | Models @lifeofftherez & @pascua98 | View of Skamania Lodge from patio area

Eugene Oregon Saturday Market is back in swing for its 54th year. Every week, “rain or shine” vendors sell handcrafted items of every kind. You’ll find clothing, pottery, authors selling their books, paper goods, glass, and of course, lots of jewelry.  This is my second year back at the Saturday Market and I truly enjoy connecting with my customers as well as the other vendors around me. It’s a great way to spend the afternoon if you’re ever in the area. Check out for more information.

Fun fact: My first time with a booth at Eugene Saturday Market was actually back in 1981 while I was still in High School. I had a booth selling helium balloons, decorated by a good friend of mine who was a skilled cartoonist. He’d draw a cartoon on each balloon, thus making them “Hand crafted”.  

Waving from my booth at Saturday Market | A happy customer with her new pendant | Another client with new earrings

I look forward to making this a monthly publication with more new information each month about the goings on at RoseGemShop and adding information you can use. I hope you found this first newsletter of interest.

Until next time,

Brian Rose



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